Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall Greetings from the Frantically Creative Little Cook

Finally, a new post. It's been just a bit busy the past while with canning, preparing crafts, cooking and baking and just loving every minute of it. But I figured it was finally time for an update. I wanted to share some of my projects with you, my friends, and celebrate the arrival of fall! 

I had a week off a while ago and frantically worked on jams, salsas, dog biscuits, ruffled scarves, glycerin/shea butter soaps and finished up my doilies. Here are the results (as you can see it's been just a wee bit of work and there's more happening):

Pardon the lousy photo editor!

                                                            The newest creations - new ruffled   scarves and soaps! I am also working on designer scarves in lovely fabrics with crocheted flowers. Stunning!
Mini birdhouses and a little crocheted 3D Christmas tree decoration. I also made ribbon angels.
 I finally blocked all the doilies and...

  What a difference it made!
The fairy garden votive jars were a labor of love. Gotta love those puffy birds! I finally found the battery operated LED lights so some will have those and some will have battery operated tea lights.

In all, I created 7 varieties of healthy, wholesome doggie treats/cookies/biscuits that will be sold in 3 different containers. There will be a 4-pce. "snack pack" for munching; a "Treat a Day" with each of the cookies; and a Max Pax (looks like a takeout container) with 12 biscuits inside. I am pretty excited about all these ventures! For more photos, etc, please visit: and/or my Facebook Page.

I promise that season recipes and more will be posted as soon as I finish all these projects for the upcoming craft shows! Thanks for keeping reading, even when I have been unforgivably lax. Love and hugs and HAPPY FALL!!

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