Friday, October 28, 2011


Poutine is a dish that's almost impossible to describe to the uninitiated. How can you explain the appeal of cheese curds, crispy fries and brown gravy? But a delicacy it is, although a "poor man's" treat. Found everywhere in Canada with a high population of French Canadians, including Quebec and Manitoba. You can even find it in restaurants in Winnipeg!


French Fries
Beef Gravy
Cheese Curds

  1. Deep- or pan-fry French Fries – more flavorful than oven baked (keeps them crispier)
  2. Put a small amount of cheese curds on the bottom of a dish or bowl (the fresher the curds, the better)
  3. Place hot French fries on top
  4. Cover with more cheese curds
  5. Smother with hot beef gravy
 Et voila, poutine. Merci, Quebec!

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