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Tips of the week:

When using a barbecue, spray the rack with a cooking spray when cold, before turning on the gas or lighting the charcoal. It makes clean-up much easier and problem-free. NEVER spray cooking spray on a hot grill - you could end up causing a fire! Also, aluminum foil is a great tool for wrapping food into bundles (cookout style) or as a 'tray' when cooking more fragile foods. 

If you want to cut peppers, try hitting the stem with the flat of a large knife, such as a butcher's knife. You should be able to pull the core right out, making seeding much easier. (I learned this from one of my students, who saw it on the cooking channel). 

Create a flat surface (whenever possible) when cutting vegetables or fruit. For example, cut an onion in half, then cut that half in half horizontally, using the flat side as a stable surface upon which to chop the onion into pieces. Peppers can be cut into strips after coring and cleaning, and tomatoes are much easier to slice when you use the flat cut side as a stabalizer. There's less risk of the fruit or vegetable slipping and less risk of cutting your finger. 

Do not chop vegetables or fruit quickly with a large knife: rather, use a rocking motion or slide the knife through the produce. Chopping causes chopped fingers if not done properly!

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