Saturday, December 12, 2015

Follow-Up on Tomato Junk and Tomato Junk Beef Stew

Tomato "Junk"

Apparently the Tomato Junk recipe I provided earlier (in October) makes a great stew! Being in a rush, I thawed the concoction in the microwave (Ziploc bag and all) while I got out the slow cooker. I heat the contraption up, sauteed onions, garlic and chunks of steak (a bit of a waste, I thought, but softer and tastier than stewing beef) and 1/3 pack of frozen (chunky) hashbrowns for about an hour. Then I added the "junk," half a jar of homemade salsa plus enough water to almost cover the stew and let it simmer for another couple of hours, until it was simmering. I added 1/4 c flour mixed with water to make a gravy and let it simmer away on low for another 4 hours. My hubby said it was delicious (with a bit of zing to it because of the salsa) but I haven't had a chance to sample it yet. I will tonight! The funny thing is, he doesn't really like some of the veggies in there but liked the flavor so much it didn't matter! Who woulda thunk it?

Tomato Junk Stew

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