Saturday, December 12, 2015

Working on Making Christmas Eats

Well now (or in Plaudeutsch nah yoh) I have made dough for my zweiback and even though I made a dreadful error after letting the sponge rise (forgot to add the fat and extra warm milk) - yes, even well seasoned bakers do that! I think it will be ok. The Portzelky dough is also rising and I am making meat pie as I type this. Well, not literally since I am waiting for the Crisco to chill for a bit. It is a hectic, happy day in the Little Cook's Kitchen: my favorite kind of day, actually having the luxury of time during this hectic work period. More baking photos to follow. I wish you good baking and have fun experimenting with new and family favorite recipes to make them your own! (just don't forget ingredients).

Meat Pie!


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