Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Hi Again! I have an update on the dog biscuits. I now have a store on Etsy as well as my home page and blog for Homespun Treats for Folks & Critters. Here is the latest breakdown and the poster will be ready by the weekend.

It's a start :)

Starting on Monday, August 17,  I will be taking orders on Homespun Treats.

6 biscuits (one of each kind) $10 - shipping extra.

12 biscuits (3 Elvis Pupsley, 2 Pumpkin Pizzazz, 3 Puppy Paws, 2 Barkley's Blueberry Biscuits, 2 Tail Waggers) $15  - shipping extra

Charlie's Mini Carrot-Apple Cupcakes will be available for 6 for $10. These are more perishable and will be 'made-to-order.'

Payment by PayPal. Please contact me at sharonadamon@gmail.com for details and final costs.

My Etsy account is https://www.etsy.com/listing/243608427/homespun-treats-for-pets-features?ref=shop_home_active_1 if you prefer to order from my shop using their various methods of payment. Please note that costs are slightly higher there due to overhead and fees.

I'll  have the poster with photos and descriptions over the weekend and that's when ordering can begin. Please share with friends, neighbors and family.

Here's hoping! Thanks for all the support and interest, folks!

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