Monday, April 7, 2014

Living La Vida Loca on Weight Watchers

                                              Living La Vida Loca on Weight Watchers

So here I am, 2 months and a bit into the program and I have lost my first 10 lbs (not to mention the 20 I lost previously on my own). I have to admit, it feels pretty good!

I finally have internalized the WW program, making it part of my daily life and including Mike on it since day one. He is into checking labels for calories and fat, too. Shopping is an interesting experience!

I faithfully record my 'points' and activity, balance my meals, make sure I eat the right food in the proper amounts. I am still trying to convince myself that "Yes, you will have to weigh and measure your food" but I am working it. No one is perfect.

Friends at work say they can see the difference. It felt good getting into a pair of pants the other day that I haven't been able to wear in 3 years - if ever. I look forward to more ups and downs but now know that as long as I persist, this is possible. Especially when my role model at work has reached her goal at over 100 lbs lost. My mind boggles and I am so very impressed with her. 

I don't eat fancy food, I don't buy WW products that often. Skim milk has replaced 2% in our home and my Almond Breeze is usually unsweetened I am  lactose intolerant). The fridge is stocked with many varieties of fruit and veggies, especially frozen berries - my not-so-secret addiction. I still use sugar (brown and white) in moderation and still use salt, because here in the desert we do need sodium. I drink far less soda - even trying to stop the diet soda given its possible health concerns. I love my club soda and gingerale, though, and can't see giving that up entirely, and I don't have to, as long as I watch the intake and monitor how much I drink. And I still have creamer in my coffee, although now it's measured and also used in moderation. We eat a lot more vegetable-based than carb-based meals, now and have more energy as a result.

The program is pretty easy. I don't often get to exercise at a gym, so I exercise (occasionally) at home. I walk Charlie the dog more, so he is getting the benefits of that, too. My work is physical, so that takes care of a few points there. I like the fact that I can eat what I want as long as its within my "budget." My weight loss is slow but steady and that's healthy in the long run.  I have cheated and have lived to talk about it :) Some days are good, some aren't, but it's the goal that keeps me going. That and the successes.

Favorite breakfasts are now often veggie omelettes and half a bagel with low-fat cream cheese rather than sausage or bacon, eggs and hash browns. I like portioned meals like muffin cup meals, prepacked slow cooker dinners and other  helpful recipes to save fussing when I am tired. 



So here we go on our new quest - to see how I can handle the holidays and general living without giving up and throwing in the towel. So far, I don't see that happening, and now I can honestly say I am over the 'honeymoon' period. Life is a learning experience, and I am learning. Look forward to lo-cal meals and WW friendly dishes as well as the usual ethnic and favorite foods recipes. Good luck on your own quest, and we'll meet up here. Take care and here's hoping!

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