Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Dinner Made Easy

Easter tradition means spiral-cut ham in our home!
We had a really delicious, simple Easter dinner this year, since it was at different times due to work shifts. We purchased a spiral-cut ham at Smiths, but it had a really delicious candy-apple glaze! What a treat!

The rest of the dinner was simple - home-made scalloped potatoes and green beans, with lemon meringue pie. Since we hadn't had a spiral cut ham for a year and a half, it was especially delicious. Good thing, because we'll be noshing on it for quite a while.

The scalloped potatoes are quite easy. You slice 6-8 peeled potatoes thinly and layer them in a greased casserole dish with thinly sliced onions. I used a red onion for flavor. Dot with bits of butter (about 1/4 cup total). Scald 1/2 - 3/4 c milk in a pot and stir in a paste made of 3-4 tbsp flour mixed with a bit of water. Heat just to simmering, until thickened. Pour over the potatoes and onions and sprinkle with about 3/4 c grated cheese. For more flavor, use sharp or extra sharp cheese. Bake in oven for an hour or more, until mixture bubbles over and around the vegetables and the edges are golden. The potatoes should be tender, but not mushy. They taste even better when reheated for another meal. 6-8 servings.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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  1. Sharon
    Your meal sounds so good. I grew up on scalloped potatoes and ham. Still love it.