Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MEXICO: Enfrijoladas

All I can say again is "yum." Experiment with the cheeses you use, experiment with different meats and veggies. However you choose to serve it, this dish is delicious!



·         1 1/4 Pounds Ground Beef Or Pork
·         3 Medium Onion — chopped and divided
·         2 Tablespoons Cilantro — finely chopped
·         2 Medium Jalapeno — roasted and chopped
·         Salt And Pepper — to taste
·         8 Corn Tortillas
·         Oil — for frying
·         3 Cups Refried Beans
·         12 Ounces Sharp Cheddar Cheese — grated (or Mexican cheese blend)
·         2/3 Cup Sour Cream
·         Salsa — to taste
·         Lettuce


1.     Brown meat and 2 onions. Drain grease.
2.     Add cilantro, jalapenos, salt and pepper. Set aside.
3.     Heat tortillas in a bit of oil to soften.
4.     Roll tortillas around meat mixture and place in bottom of casserole. Top with an even layer of beans. Then cover with cheese.
5.     Bake at 400 degrees until cheese is melted and ingredients are heated through. Serve topped with sour cream, remaining onion, lettuce and salsa.

Note: Vegetarian variation would be to omit meat and dip each tortilla in mild red chili sauce, roll around a bit of chopped onion, cilantro and jalapenos and follow directions as above.
Serves 4

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