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Ultimate Grilled Sandwiches

Ultimate Grilled Sandwiches

Too much fun for words!! (Grilled Pizza Sandwiches)
My husband got me a sandwich grill for Christmas, and to say I love it would be an understatement. It got me to thinking about all the possibilities. The process is the same for each, but the fillings can be as simple or complex as you like. I enjoy my new toy - it makes good sandwiches! If you don't have a sandwich grill, you can use a pan sprayed with cooking spray, but be careful - the bread burns easily when spread with butter or margarine! Please follow the process directions (below) for each sandwich, and above all, use your imagination!

The Process:
Turn on the sandwich grill and let heat until the light comes on. In the meantime, stuff the bread with whichever fillings you like. Butter the outside of the bread lightly and place, butter down on the grill. Spread a light coating of butter on the top of the bread. Press down the cover and snap the cover down. Grill until the light comes on again. Check to make sure it's golden. Remove carefully. Enjoy!

Suggested Sandwich Combos:
1. Grilled Pizza Sandwiches: I made these today for the first time with left-overs from my cooking classes. Yum. The filling consisted of a slice of provolone cheese, pepperoni and pizza sauce lightly spread on the inside top of the bread. Talk about pizza-licious deliciousness! [I just finished eating this sandwich and it's a definite "keeper" in my recipe log!] Just make sure you follow the process directions.
2. Traditional Grilled Cheese: Still a favorite in our home. The filling is simply your favorite type of cheese inside 2 slices of your favorite bread. Follow process directions et viola! Excellent!
3. A Twist on the Traditional Grilled Cheese: I am a non-comformist. I like my sandwiches to have taste AND texture. My favorite grilled cheese (cheddar) also has bacon (or ham) and finely sliced apples on it. Follow the process directions and party on!
4. Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana: I have to admit it - I am a peanut butter nut! I have made this sandwich and talk about gooey deliciousness! I did read about a grilled peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich that I may just make tomorrow...
5. Grilled Breakfast Sandwich: This one is also tasty. It's a combination of applewood  or maple bacon and cheddar. Drizzle the filling with a bit of syrup before covering with the top bread and grilling if you want the real breakfast experience! If you like grilled tomatoes, add finely sliced tomatoes to the filling before grilling, but omit the syrup. Don't forget to follow the Process directions to avoid sticking or scorching!
6. Pizza Subalicious Grilled Sandwich: This filling is a combination of salami, pepperoni and provolone or mozzarella with a spread of marinara sauce. Add finely sliced black olives if you like them, before completing and grilling the sandwich.
7. Ham and Pineapple Grilled Sandwich:  Also great, reminds me of a Hawaiian pizza! The filling is deli ham, a pineapple ring and your choice of cheese. I recommend that you use a sturdier bread for this one. So good!
8. Grilled Reuben Sandwich:  Here you go, the deli sandwich gone grilled! You should use good quality corned beef, swiss cheese, a light layer of sauerkraut and spread the top piece of bread with Russian or Thousand Island dressing before placing it, face down, on top of the sandwich and grilling. Follow basic process directions.

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